Luke Cage Also Cancelled After Two Seasons

Lot of That Going Around Lately

Netflix’s Marvel lineup keeps getting smaller. First they axed Iron Fist, now Luke Cage has gotten cancelled after two seasons. Whatever people’s critical evaluations were, it seems like the numbers just didn’t add up. Or is there something else going on here?

Luke Cage Marvel Netflix

I mean, probably not. As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, Netflix most likely just looked at the stats and made the call to cut Luke Cage. Yes Disney is revving up their own streaming service next year, but who knows what kind of content the family-friendly empire will be generating? The Netflix Marvel shows, with all their violence, sex, and *gasp* cursing, likely wouldn’t meet their standards anyway.

It is sort of strange that they would cut the show, given how happy they supposedly were with both seasons of Cage. They might have written themselves into a corner with last season’s finale, but maybe they could have fixed things? If nothing else, this leaves Netflix open to start a Heroes For Hire series starring Iron Fist and Cage. The two characters had pretty good chemistry, so that would be a great replacement for the two shows they just axed. Just, no more Defenders please.