Japan’s Unofficial Mario Kart Continues Despite Nintendo Lawsuit

Unofficial Mario Kart Is Still Going Strong

Despite Tokyo District Court ordering MariCar, the unofficial real-life Mario Kart, to pay $90,000 in damages to Nintendo and stop giving out Nintendo-themed cosplay, the company is still continuing to do so.

Nintendo filed a lawsuit earlier last year for intellectual property violation. Not only that, but the popular go-karting attraction has caused problems in the community due to tourists crashing cars. In the first half of 2017 alone, police reported 12 MariCar accidents, ten of them involving foreign drivers. In one case, a person crashed into the wall of a police station.

But MariCar doesn’t seem to mind the trouble: they’re still running their service and even telling MariCar riders to keep wearing Mario, Luigi, and Bowser outfits. Nintendo has yet to respond, but it’s safe to assume they’re probably pretty pissed.