Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, Dungeon Village Are All Coming to Switch Next Week

All Three Games Hitting the eShop on October 11th

Kairosoft will release three of their most popular simulation games — Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, and Dungeon Village — on the Nintendo Switch eShop next week on October 11th.

Game Dev Story

The company made the announcement via a tweet stating that the games were coming to the hybrid console but only in Japan. A fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @Ben__Harlan, responded to the original tweet asking if there is a planned US/EU release. Kairosoft replied with a “yes” and then confirmed it would be the same as the Japanese release date too. So in a roundabout sort of way, Kairosoft has confirmed October 11th as a worldwide release date for all three games.

Kairosoft has done well for themselves and is well known for making lots of these smaller simulation-type games. Game Dev Story was their first game released back in 2010. It involves creating your very own video game studio and working your way up from a small developer up to a huge AAA studio. It’s a wonderful little indie game with a ton of charm and video game humour. Hot Spring Story and Dungeon Village are also excellent with the former asking players to build a hot springs resort and managing customer needs while the latter is all about building up a town and attracting heroes in an RPG setting.

A Switch eShop listing shows a price tag of $12.00 / £8.99 for each game. Considering how much time each game will probably take to finish, that isn’t a bad price at all. If you were to try one, we’d recommend Game Dev Story.

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