The Evil Within 2 Adds New Difficulty Mode and Cheat Codes in Time for Halloween

Link Your Bethesda Account to The Evil Within 2 to Get the New Content

A new update for The Evil Within 2 has begun rolling out on PC which adds a new Nightmare difficulty mode, as well as a bunch of cheat codes for fun.

In order to start playing the new content, players will need to link their account. Whether you’re creating an account for the first time or are simply linking an existing one, players will receive the AKUMU Nightmare difficulty mode and the option to enable gameplay cheats like Infinite Stamina, One-Shot Kills, and Invincibility.

The Evil Within 2 has been out for over a year now so it’s nice to see Tango Gameworks continue to support the game after all this time. Back in February, the game was also updated to add a new first-person mode after fans had found a way to unlock the feature through Steam.

Bethesda hasn’t officially made an announcement regarding the new content yet or whether the console versions of the game will also get updated. If we were to guess though, we’re expecting it to roll out on PS4 and Xbox One soon enough.

In our original review, we called the game “a nail-biting and intense thrill ride.” Here’s a quick excerpt from our reviewer:

“Despite all that up and down, I had (and still am having) a really freakin’ good time playing The Evil Within 2. While it didn’t scare me as much as I wanted it to, it packs plenty of tense moments and interesting situations into its somewhat inflated length and is definitely worth investigating for its atmosphere alone. A ‘more than the sum of its parts’ situation, The Evil Within 2 should be firmly on the radar of anyone who really loves Resident Evil 4, and even players just looking for some spookiness this Halloween.”

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