Xbox Creates Greaseproof Controller for PUBG Promo

Why It’s Grease Lightnin’!

In honor of the release of PUBG 1.0 launching out of the Game Preview program this past Tuesday, Xbox has created an extremely limited “greaseproof” controller for those who like to eat like uncivilized heathens while they play.

Xbox Greaseproof PUBG Controller

The controller, designed for those who prefer to ignore the advent of cutlery and instead feast with their bare hands like filthy animals, is the prize of a contest from Xbox Australia, and is currently unavailable outside of the event.

In the above trailer you can see the controller getting greased up in action, going through a totally average in-home chicken-grease waterfall and emerging unscathed, ready for another round of Halo.

Earlier today Xbox received Cortana and Alexa compatability, and the Master Chief Collection recently joined the Game Pass lineup. Let us know what you think of this greasetacular controller in the comments, and stay tuned to COGconnected for all the latest gaming news!

SOURCE: Xbox Australia