Return Of The Obra Dinn Coming This Fall

The Newest Game From The Makers of Papers, Please

Set at the turn of the nineteenth century, Return of the Obra Dinn is a mystery game with a properly distinct aesthetic. It’s right up my alley, in other words. Lucas Pope, the developer who brought us Papers, Please, has been cooking up this one for a couple of years now. The latest trailer is a savory blend of mystery and intrigue.

return of the obra dinn

Also there’s a dash of faux retro chic thrown in thanks to the curious visuals. I have vague memories of the demo released way back in 2016, though I don’t think it looked quite this polished. You’re tasked with investigating the wreckage of a ship that’s returned minus every living member of her crew. It’s your job to find out how everyone caught a terrible case of death while still finding time to point this vessel at the nearest harbor.

The Return of the Obra Dinn is set for release on PC and Mac in Autumn of 1818, according to the trailer. Sooo, sometime later this year then? You can check out the new trailer embedded below. Personally, I’m excited to dive into this weird mystery. How’d everyone get murdered? Who did the murdering? Was there treasure involved? The possibilities are endless.