Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Already Struggling With Shortages in Japan

Spider-Man Is Doing Well in Japan

Analytics company Media Create recently revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man is performing very well. In fact, it almost sold out, selling approximately 96.17 percent of its total initial shipment. And due to retailer shortages, many gamers were forced to buy a digital download of the game from the PlayStation Store.

Media Create believes that compared to all other Spider-Man video games released in Japan, Insomniac Games’ iteration had the strongest launch of them all.

The game’s success appears to have affected PS4 Pro sales as well, as the limited edition bundle sold 4,000 units alone.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man has been well-received and is technically very impressive. Mike Fitzgerald, the studio’s Chief Architect, spoke about how they created the fluid open-world of New York City.

“Like many open-world games, we have to carefully parcel up our world up into small sections, since the whole island of Manhattan would be impossible to fit into the PS4’s memory at one time,” he said.

“There are approximately 800 square tiles making up our version of Marvel’s New York, each 128 meters square, making the city several times larger than what we built for Sunset Overdrive. As you swing through it, we’re constantly unloading tiles behind you as well as loading tiles ahead of you—seamlessly transitioning so you’re always exposed to the highest detail level. And when Spider-Man is really pushing his top speed, we’re loading about one new tile every second.”

Spider-Man is available now for the PlayStation 4.