The Final Season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead Has Reportedly Been Cancelled

The Game Company Has Recently Suffered Mass Layoffs

Update (9/24/2018): The voice actress for The Walking Dead’s Clementine stated on Saturday that the upcoming second episode (which launches this Tuesday) will be the final one of the fourth season.

“To my knowledge, they will release Episode 2 and that will be it,” the voice actress, Melissa Hutchison, said in a statement. “It hurts me that you, the fans, will not get to see Clem’s journey through to the end.”

Original Story:

Telltale announced on Friday that many of their employees had been laid off and that a skeleton crew of 25 developers would be still employed in order to finish developing current projects. However, on that same day, there was a report published (which cited multiple sources) that claimed that the current and final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead has been cancelled.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Feature

“Sources who wish to remain anonymous explained that there is a skeleton crew at Telltale, but they will be working on the Minecraft Story Mode project for Netflix,” USgamer reported on Friday. “In fact, The Walking Dead team was also laid off today and The Walking Dead Final Season will not be completed.”

It should be noted that the fourth season’s cancellation has not been officially announced and the second episode is (presumably) still scheduled to come out on September 25th. However, with Telltale’s current situation, it appears likely that a game that was supposed to be Clementine’s final sendoff won’t be completed.

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