Far Cry 5 Looped the Same Day Repeatedly

Far Cry 5 Was Basically Kind of Like Groundhog Day

A Ubisoft presentation for this year’s Siggraph convention revealed that Far Cry 5 would loop the same in-game day repeatedly because the developers had lighting issues with the game’s Sun & Moon.

far cry 5 flamethrower

According to the presentation, Ubisoft ran into three problems with the lighting: “1) Every day is different, 2) Night looks the same as day, 3) Physical lighting values cause too much contrast”.

Some of the solutions they came up with were to choose a day they liked and to repeatedly loop it. They’d also make sure that the sun & moon were always at the same positions every hour, every day so that “tomorrow at 12 AM is the same as today at 12 AM.”

However, according to Ubisoft, these solutions aren’t the only way to deal with lighting issues. “Our workarounds have enabled us to ship a game and we’re very happy about that, but we’re definitely going to look at changing what we do and improving for future projects,” their presentation read.

Other Far Cry 5 news: a recent update has added a new game plus mode & a harder difficulty.

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