Devil May Cry 5 Microtransactions Maybe Not That Bad

Those Orbs You Can Buy Are Also Super Easy To Earn

There was an uproar of sorts this week after fans discovered that Devil May Cry 5 microtransactions were a grim reality. Well rest easy, because it looks like they’ll be an entirely optional endeavor. Yes you can spend money on those red orbs, but they’re also stupidly easy to earn, as Dualshockers discovered this weekend.

A little time with the demo revealed that the most common use for the orbs is reviving you in the middle of a stage. The cost goes up the more life you want back, with rates also going up the more times you revive. More specifically, you can earn around 40,000 orbs a level if you’re playing badly. That number goes up to almost 60,000 if you’re better at the game. This is in contrast to the 1500 orbs it costs to revive yourself the first time. Or you can go back to the last checkpoint and spend zero orbs.

As far as spending on skills goes, most abilities are around 8-20,000 orbs, with those figures fluctuating depending on the tier of abilities you’re looking at. There is one weird skill that costs three million orbs, but it’s apparently not a combat move at all. On the whole, it looks like you won’t have too much trouble playing through the game without spending any money on microtransactions whatsoever.