Dauntless Continues Its Open Beta with the Ostian Repeaters

The Future of Dauntless Goes Ranged

Dauntless was front and center at PAX West 2018, with a massive booth situated in the middle of the fourth floor and right by the Skybridge entrance. With the game being about hunting Behemoths, the size and the location of the booth were fitting. More importantly, with the game having recently launched into its open beta, the game deserves to get some eyes on it. In addition to having launched into open beta, Phoenix Labs has just revealed the new Ostian Repeaters weapon.

dauntless top

The Ostian Repeaters are a pair of guns and are the first ranged weapon to be introduced into Dauntless, looking to make its mark with its unique style. While the team working on Dauntless were initially apprehensive about the idea of a ranged weapon, the Ostian Repeaters have overcome concerns and made their way into the game. Rather than being a long distanced, ranged weapon, the Ostian Repeaters still require players to be in relatively close range, keeping the fights exciting rather than causing players to feel disengaged.

Besides being a ranged weapon, the Ostian Repeaters are unique in that they are the game’s only modular weapon at the moment, featuring four components that can be interchanged on the weapon. While the other weapons are static in nature, the ability to customize the different aspects of the Ostian Repeaters will allow Slayers to adjust the weapons to their needs. According to Phoenix Labs, the Ostian Repeaters will require dedication and training, but it will be well worth the effort.

For those itching to get their hands on the Ostian Repeaters, they will release in Dauntless in their ongoing The Coming Storm expansion this fall. My own time with the Dauntless open beta as well as my playthrough during PAX West 2018 is enough for me to recommend at least a try for anyone interested in action RPGs, and especially those who enjoy cooperative games. Early footage of the Ostian Repeaters also show a very fun and promising gameplay experience. Dauntless is currently in open beta, and the Ostian Repeaters will be in player hands soon!