YouTuber Beats Hardest Dark Souls III Boss With a Dance Pad

Step up and Praise the Sun

FromSoftware’s Souls series is a known salt mine and factory of internet fury, yet mad gamers still find ways to make it more challenging. One player beat the game using a guitar controller. Over time, Speedrunners have found creative methods of killing bosses more quickly. This year, YouTuber Luality managed to beat the hardest Dark Souls III boss by using a dance pad.

Dark Souls 3

Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki made The Nameless King boss fight optional, and there may be a reason for that. This particular foe is a walking taunt, and beating him of your own accord is like gaining a badge of honor in the Souls community. Some players have an easier time than others, but how many players have beaten the Nameless King via dance pad? If you don’t believe it’s possible, check out the video below, where Luality beats Dark Souls III’s hardest boss in less than 3 minutes.

Luality didn’t simply beat a single boss; she beat the entirety of the game using the gaming dance pad. If that’s not insane, then I don’t know what is. Of course, every hardcore gamer has a technique, and in the video description she explains how she mapped the buttons:

“A lot of people have been wondering why the ripostes at 0:50 and 2:00 use the X button when my attacks use the O. When I riposte the boss, I am actually using the SELECT button on the dance mat, which is just above the X button, since the twinblades use a different button for attacking (L1) and riposting (R1).”

You can find more of Luality’s dance pad antics over on her YouTube channel. You can keep up to date on her latest projects via And before you go, let us know; have you found other creative ways to beat Dark Souls III? What are your thoughts on this boss fight? Comment down below.