New Metro: Exodus Trailer Introduces Shit to My Pants

Metro: Exodus Brings the Horror Vibes in a New Trailer

Developer 4A Games has released a horrifying new trailer at Gamescom today for the latest chapter of the Post-Apocalyptic Adventures of Artyom, Metro: Exodus.

The trailer shows off more of the series’ desolate and haunting outside world, including the local wildlife (horrifying spider-Cthulhu monsters) and remnants of pastimes long forgotten, like nailing a human to a wall before disemboweling them.

metro exodus

The game is also making use of the ray-tracing abilities of Nvidia’s new RTX line of cards announced earlier today, and you can see some of the benefits of the technique in action throughout the course of the trailer.

Metro: Exodus launches this coming February 22nd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 4A also recently announced a shiny new collector’s edition for the title, and check out the 5 things we loved about Exodus from our time with it at E3!

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