Life Is Strange 2 Police Footage Captures New Superpower

Dontnod Briefly Teases Its Next Installment

A new trailer for Life is Strange 2 reveals more than the last, but it comes in the form of a very cryptic preview. Dontnod has decided to treat us to a segment of what could be in-game footage, and the rest is a mystery.

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Fans who’ve been exposed to Dontnod’s universe understand that it’s a place sprinkled with supernatural anomalies. And this latest piece of footage will remind you of the fact. Perhaps, it was only a matter of time before we were exposed to something new in Arcadia Bay. In truth, if the video did not include “Life is Strange” in the header, then it could stand in for any new game announcement. But here it is, jam-packed full of questions. Enjoy.

For those of you pressing replay and latching on to any clue, 10-10 is code for a “fight in progress.” The bottom right of the screen shows the date, which means the plot takes place years after the first game and before Captain Spirit. It may be safe to say that the surrounding neighborhood looks like Arcadia Bay. Aside from that, the trailer provides no clue on whether or not players will continue the story of Max Caulfield. We’ll just have to wait until August 20th for the full reveal.

Considering the variables of the first game’s ending, it’s possible Dontnod will tell someone else’s story. In Life is Strange, Max has a rewind superpower; this trailer presents an all-new superpower, which makes me speculate that Life is Strange 2 will follow another character.

For more clues on the upcoming Life is Strange 2, you can download prequel Captain Spirit for free. Before that, let us know, what are your thoughts on the new Life is Strange 2 trailer? Comment down below.