Grand Theft Auto V Still Topping Sales Charts Somehow

Two Months In A Row, Even

Grand Theft Auto V is a fabulous game that deserves all the accolades and praise it’s so far received. It’s also something like five years old, which makes its presence on top of the PS4 sales charts a bit baffling. For the second month in a row, no less.

gta V top screen sales charts

According to the Playstation Blog, Grand Theft Auto V topped the digital sales charts for both June and July. Following on its heels this month was Rocket League, No Man’s Sky, FIFA 18 and Destiny 2. Again, that’s a pretty impressive feat for a five-year-old game.

Admittedly, one of the reason’s Grand Theft Auto V is still climbing up sales charts is due to the steady stream of content being released for the game. The same could be said for No Man’s Sky and Rocket League. It seems like continued success is tied to continued updates, an obvious conclusion that more and more developers are coming to as of late. Perhaps Red Dead Redemption 2 will see a similar level of success.