Epic Games Takes Next Step in Marketing With New Fortnite Toys

Collect 100 for Your Own Battle Royale

In a new partnership with Epic Games, Moose Toys has announced a new line of toy products based on the widely popular Fortnite: Battle Royale. Expect the first range of figures to hit the market later this year.

Fortnite Save the World Skins

Moose isn’t apart of an experimental marketing gimmick, either. The toy manufacturer shall serve as Epic Games’ global partner for Fortnite figures, with the first line of figures being no bigger than 3 inches. Though the size seems small, the idea is sound since the game developer/publisher creates new skins on a regular basis. Therefore, the size of the new products will allow the manufacturer to keep up with the wide variety of in-game cosmetics and meet demand.

“Fortnite has the coolest characters in gaming, and we can’t wait to apply our expertise in mini-collectibles to such a deep roster,” said Johnny O’Neal, Vice President of Marketing at Moose Toys. “Our line will feature high-quality designs, detailed accessories, buildable forts, and a truly epic range of figures to collect.”

The first line of miniature Fortnite toys will launch on December 2018, with new collections to follow in 2019. Figures will range from tiny collectibles to full-blown playsets.

When we consider the unprecedented fame of Fortnite: Battle Royale, a toyline seems like the next best—even logical—step in the game’s marketing. But it begs the question: will other big game IPs take notes from Epic and double down on their own toylines? Sure, it’s been done but not on a grand scale. What are your thoughts? Comment down below.

SOURCE: goto.game