Destiny 2 Is Free This September, Thanks to PlayStation Plus

Looks Like Another Solid PlayStation Plus Month

Another month as a PlayStation Plus Subscriber comes with another duo of premium tier titles. With Fall on the horizon, we have many new games coming on the road to Broketober and the Holidays. That hasn’t stopped PlayStation from bringing us Destiny 2 and God of War III as September’s free games.

Destiny 2 is developer Bungie’s shared-world shooter that’s on the cusp of its one-year anniversary. As such, they’re poised to release their next major expansion in the form of ‘Forsaken,’ a game-changer of a content drop that will offer new game modes, raids, and quality loot. Since the game’s free this September, newcomers will have an easier time of deciding whether or not to invest in the game and its new content. Better yet, the new Gambit Mode will be free to play for 24 hours, starting on September 1st, the same day PS Plus subscribers can download the game.

Additionally, God of War III Remastered will be free on September 4th. Whether or not you’ve jumped into Midgard with the latest installment, it’s never too late to experience the brutal and bloody glory from the previous trilogy. God of War III represents the apex of fantastic design, carnage, and set pieces, though you may consider it a little light on Kratos’ character development.

Alongside God of War III and Destiny 2, PlayStation will drop Knowledge Is Power and Here They Lie. While the former offers a fun trivia experience with up to six players (playable via smartphone Playlink), the latter entails a suspenseful VR experience. You can download all games on September 4th, the exception being Destiny 2 which will be downloadable on September 1st.

Subscribers have a couple of days left to download the free PlayStation Plus games for August. Like from the many months thus far, it’s a quality list of titles.

For those who haven’t played either Destiny 2 or God of War III, they can tie you over a few days until Spider-Man arrives. Though it will be a brief period, the days won’t feel as long. What are your thoughts on these free PS Plus games? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: PlayStation