Splatoon 2 Player Banned For Sending Nintendo SOS

He Had To Hack The Game To Do It, But Still

Splatoon 2 is being overrun with cheaters and hackers. Ever since a hardware exploit was recently uncovered, there have been reports of people abusing the system through busted weapons, NSFW usernames and loopholes in the abuse report systems. It’s gotten so bad that one Splatoon 2 player used the exploits to plead with Nintendo for help.

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The plea in question was achieved by hacking the leaderboards to spell out “please add anti cheat” using the names of the top four players. The player who did so was banned of course, although it’s unclear whether Nintendo truly heard the message. Leaderboard hacking is pretty small potatoes compared to what else has been happening, though.

Players have reported matches being won by one side instantly deploying ink over the entire map, wiping out their entire team. There’s also been reports of unlimited ink and invisible players, along with the hacked usernames. Unfortunately, if the match is won so fast, there’s no time to really report what’s happening. Other cheats can’t be reported at all with the existing system. While Nintendo is slowly working to correct the hardware exploits, this is leaving Splatoon 2 players with a game that’s terribly vulnerable. If Nintendo doesn’t do something soon, the game might turn into a cheaters vs cheaters hellscape.