‘Gone Vroom’: ‘Gone Home’ But Instead You’re a Car

Finally, An Emotional Tale About a Car That’s ‘Gone Home’

Gone Home was a widely praised first-person narrative game about a college student returning home and trying to find out what happened to her missing sister and troubled family. However, what if the player played as a car instead?

Gone Vroom

Titled “Gone Vroom“, the game’s creator, Jon Remedios, claims that he made it with real money and also said that he and his wife did voice acting for the game. Apparently, the game was made for the 41st Ludum Dare game jam event.

“What in the world lol,” tweeted Gone Home developer Steve Gaynor after discovering the game’s existence.

Gone Vroom was made with the Unity engine and it’s available as a free download on itch.io. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be a full game since the car that the player is controlling can’t fit through the front doors of the house.

What do you think of Gone Vroom? Was it a compelling story or could it have gone in a more unexpected direction? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!