In Fallout 76, Players Under Level 5 Can’t Be Killed in PvP

The Online ‘Fallout’ Game Will Also Feature Fast Travel

According to a June interview with studio director Todd Howard, Fallout 76 will give players the ability to fast travel and any players who are under level 5 can’t be killed in PvP.

Fallout 76

When Howard was asked about how Bethesda was going to counteract the “griefing” behaviors of other players (such as intentionally spawn camping), he said that they had “several tricks” that were being implemented in order to deal with those potential issues.

“For example, at the moment you can not kill a player until he reaches level 5,” Howard explained. “Maybe we will change this rule, but we are aware of the risks because that stuff does not appeal to us either. But it does not scare us to try new things and leave the players the total freedom to fight at their discretion or to not do so if they are not interested.”

Howard also said that if a player goes offline then the camp they’ve built will disappear. Players can also “partially” damage each other’s camps but Howard added that “it costs very little to repair” a camp.

“The reason we [made it destructible] is because it is possible to confine another player in the camp, if it can not break it becomes a problem,” Howard said. “That’s why we decided to make the camps destructible: not because we want to [encourage] others to attack your shelter but to prevent players from using the camp to annoy other players.”

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Fallout 76 is scheduled to come out on November 14th for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One.