Take On the Undead in Overkill’s The Walking Dead This November

Round Up Your Friends for Some Brutal Zombie-Killing Fun on Nov 6th

Payday developer Overkill has finally announced a release date for their Walking Dead co-op shooter. Revealed during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2018 yesterday, it will launch for PC on November 6th in North and South America and November 8th everywhere else.

While the console versions weren’t mentioned at all, it’s safe to say the PS4 and Xbox One versions will also launch the same day. Pre-orders for the game begin today, June 12th.

Publisher 505 Games has also dropped a new trailer showing gameplay footage, which you can watch above. It’s filled with plenty of zombie gore but it also shows various weapons and environments, while also giving us a taste of how players will cooperate with each other for survival.

Since Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a four-player co-op shooter — sort of like Left 4 Dead — it stars four playable characters: Maya, Aiden, Grant, and Heather. Each character has their own distinct backstory, abilities, skill trees, etc. while fulfilling a different role. Players will need to work together to complete objectives and do what’s necessary to stay alive as long as possible.

Overkill's The Walking Dead

You can watch the latest character diary revolving around Heather here.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead was originally slated to be released in 2016 but was pushed back to 2017. In May 2017, the team announced that they were delaying the project again into 2018 so more content could be added to the game.

How stoked are you to finally get your hands on Overkill’s The Walking Dead? Share your thoughts down below.