A New Octopath Traveler Demo is Live On Nintendo Switch Right Now

Get a head start before release.

Square Enix and Acquire’s turned based JRPG Octopath Traveler is precisely one month away, but fans can again get their hands on the game now. Unlike the previous demo released back in September of last year, the next one allows you to play as any of the eight characters. Better yet, the progress you make in the demo transfers to full the game.

It’s one of the more exciting announcements to come from E3 2018 for JRPG and Nintendo fans alike. This┬ápast week, we had a chance to sit down with Square Enix Producer Masashi Takahashi and Acquire Director Keisuke Miyauchi where they shared some of the inspiration behind Octopath’s gameplay and presentation.

The game’s unique blend of 16-bit character sprites and three-dimensional environments stems from the idea of evolving the art style of the games they played growing up. Hints of both the SaGa series and Final Fantasy are present throughout, warranting some to initially believe it to be a Final Fantasy title in disguise. However, Ocotopath Traveler combines the best of its inspirations with eight characters wielding special abilities and differing storylines. The characters follow their own paths but interact with each other at various points throughout the narrative.

Mr. Takahashi shared that the decision to launch Ocotopath on Nintendo Switch exclusively is due in part to Square’s rich history and relationship with the company. JRPG fans who’ve yet to pick up the handheld/console hybrid shouldn’t hold their breath for a multi-platform release, but perhaps wishing upon a star will encourage Nintendo to consider a PS4 port, at least.

As bizarre as it sounds, Octopath Traveler is somewhat descriptive when you think about it. Mr. Takahashi mentioned that “Octo” is short for octopus, a word that the Japanese audience is uniquely familiar with. Octopuses have eight tentacles, and the game features eight characters traveling on varying paths. It’s bright, charming, and oozing with classic JRPG goodness. Speaking with Masashi Takahashi and Keisuke Miyauchi was nothing short of a pleasure, and their passion for the game has me more excited than ever to dive in.

You can download the new demo now and look forward to the full worldwide release on July 14.