My Friend Pedro Is the Deadpool Game You’ve Been Waiting For

My Friend Pedro Looks Absolutely Bananas

Devolver Digital revealed a brand new side-scrolling action game during their unconventional E3 press conference and it just might be the craziest and wildest E3 trailer we’ve seen this week. It’s called My Friend Pedro and it involves the player character shooting people in stylish Matrix-like, acrobatic gunplay that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Why are you killing all of these people? Because a sentient banana named Pedro told you, of course! Satisfied? Okay, moving on.

Give the trailer below a quick look if you need some context:

Developed by DeadToast Entertainment (seemingly a one-person studio), My Friend Pedro really is a sight to behold. Players will use a mix of two-handed split-aiming and bullet-time to clear floors of enemies all the while flipping, somersaulting, diving, and twirling in incredible acrobatic fashion. Players will even be able to ricochet bullets off of frying pans and kick severed heads into other enemies for maximum silliness. There are also motorbikes and skateboards thrown in for good measure.

On stage, Devolver Digital described the game as an “a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana.” Yep, that sounds about right.

My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro will launch for the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC in early 2019. There are no plans to bring the game over to other platforms as of yet.

How excited are you for My Friend Pedro? Is it the Deadpool game you’ve always dreamed of? Leave us a comment down below. Throughout E3 2018, come back to COGconnected for more updates on all the latest announcements.