Monster Hunter World/Final Fantasy XIV Crossover Explained

Expect Challenging Boss Fights in this Crossover Event

During their E3 presentation, Square Enix announced that their popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV would be doing a crossover event with Capcom’s hit Monster Hunter World, but details were very scarce. Since then the game’s developers have opened up a bit on what exactly that crossover event would mean for each title.

Monster Hunter’s red wyvern, the Rathalos, will be getting its very own trial in Final Fantasy XIV with the “Under the Moonlight” update later this summer. Players will need to hit the level cap of 70 to take on the dragon, and will apparently be available to fight in one “normal mode” as well as a harder difficulty. The trailer also features Monster Hunter’s Palico companion in the world of FFXIV, and though it’s unclear as to what exactly it will do in the MMO, it’s safe to assume it’ll take on the form of a minion, which are simply pets that follow the player around Hydaelyn.

The Monster Hunter World half of the event sees Final Fantasy’s Behemoth come to Astera, and is only available to hunters who have finished the main story portion of the game. Apparently the Behemoth will be “very large, but not as large as Kulve Taroth,” and will receive his own map to battle in. According to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, it will be “unlike most Monster Hunter fights you have ever done.” Final Fantasy’s iconic Cactuar will also be making its way to Monster Hunter World, likely in the form of a Palico outfit.

Monster Hunter Final Fantasy Palico Crossover
Look at how excited this Palico is!

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SOURCE: IGN, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy