Man Caught Stealing $1 Million Worth of Xbox One Consoles

If You Want an Xbox One so Badly…

Mad gamers are a hazard, but they’re not usually a hazard on the interstate. Just yesterday, cops found themselves in pursuit of a semi-truck that was stolen from a truck stop in Louisville, Kentucky. Inside, they discovered $1 million worth of Xbox One product.

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According to Clarkesville police, the suspect has been identified as Magdiel Fleites Sanchez. Little did Sanchez know, the truck he stole had a tracker onboard. Hence, cops were waiting for the stolen vehicle beyond the Second Street Bridge. Officer John Miller initially discovered the truck traveling on US 31. “Once I was able to identify that it was the semi we were looking for, I turned around and tried to initiate a traffic stop,” Miller said. However, the driver didn’t simply stop and surrender.

Reports say Sanchez led officers on a chase before hitting a dead-end street. Afterward, he left the truck and hit the ground running.

“I’ve never been involved in a pursuit with a semi,” Officer Miller added.”I actually pursued him across the interstate, and we were able to apprehend the subject at a nearby All Start trucking/leasing place behind Walmart.”

In an ideal world, Walmart would have the original destination to offload Microsoft’s product. Sanchez was arrested at the scene, after which police contacted Taz Trucking. Though the semi-truck was found, the trailer was missing.”The trailer … was about 100 feet from where I initially had seen him at first,” Miller said. “He had backed it in in-between other trailers that were empty.” When police inspected the cargo, they found enough consoles for over a hundred Halo multiplayer sessions. “The semi was carrying Microsoft material that was later identified as Xbox consoles that had a total value on that trailer of $1 million,” Miller said

Thanks to the vehicle’s tracker, the chase ended relatively quickly. One company spokesperson said that it was “by design” that police were able to apprehend the thief so quickly.

Personally, I am extremely curious about how the suspect would have offloaded all those Xbox One consoles. Could you imagine trying to sell that much hardware without arousing suspicion? What would you do if you found a truckload of Microsoft product? Feel free to comment below.