EA Reveals Madden NFL Mobile Overdrive Update

Madden NFL Mobile Gets a Massive Overhaul with Overdrive

EA has announced that Madden NFL Mobile will be receiving “the biggest and most significant update” the game has ever seen this summer when it’s rebranded as “Madden NFL Overdrive.”

The entire game has been rebuilt from the ground up to allow for better visual presentation and physics, as well as real-time PvP in which a “fantasy scoring” system allows players to earn points and team packs. Players can also rack up fans and XP to increase their ranking for better rewards. New Live Event minigames also allow you to pump up your team rating which carries over into PvP. A new Overdrive meter lets you enable more aggressive offensive and defensive plays for your team, which is powered by “chemistry” between your coach’s playbook, team captain, and how you play the game.


In the meantime, players can boost their preseason score to earn tickets that can be used to redeem rewards after the new update, and sign up for text updates here, which unlocks a free Kickoff Pack in Overdrive when it takes over Madden NFL Mobile this summer. Madden NFL Overdrive hits mobile this August 15th.

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