Rumor: ‘Hitman 2’ Locations Possibly Leaked

E3 Is Over But the Leaks Keep On Coming!

(Update 9/1/2018): It appears that one of these leaked locations, Colombia, has been officially confirmed to be in Hitman 2.

Original Story:

The other five out of six locations for the anticipated stealth ’em up Hitman 2 may possibly have been leaked due to a file from what appears to be an official server used by developer IO Interactive.

One of the mission locations has already been confirmed to be in Miami, a city in the United States. According to the file (which is no longer downloadable but still has “iohitman” as part of its URL), the other five locations are New Zealand, Colombia, Mumbai, the North Atlantic and another mission in the U.S. An image of this file was also posted on the Hitman subreddit and a different Reddit user claimed that the info in the image was legitimate.

However, this is all still unconfirmed information since IO Interactive hasn’t officially revealed yet all the locations that the protagonist, Agent 47, will be visiting in the upcoming game.

Hitman 2

Time will tell whether or not the info in this leak is legitimate but one can reasonably assume that IO Interactive will eventually reveal the other locations in the lead up to Hitman 2’s release. The game is scheduled to come out in November and they’ll want to create even more buzz for their game in the next five months. It’s difficult to do that without showing off more of their game as time goes on.

We posted a preview of Hitman 2 last week and were generally pretty pleased about it. Go ahead and give it a read!

Hitman 2 is coming out on November 13th for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One.