David Hayter Returns as Snake in Super Bomberman R – Not Joking

The Legendary Operative Returns in Tinier Fashion

This news story walks the line between strange and fascinating, maybe both. After a hiatus from voicing Snake in the Metal Gear franchise, David Hayter is back to reprise his legendary role. His comeback is that of voice for two renowned characters, and they re making their debut in Konami’s Super Bomberman R. I know…

super bomberman r gameplay

The latest update for Super Bomberman R adds a host of new characters: Bill Bomber, Lance Bomber, Vic Viper ZERO Bomber, Ayako Katagiri Bomber and Ebisumaru Bomber. And, joining from Metal Gear is none other than Raiden. But wait, there’s more. There’s also a new playable map in the form of top-down Motherbase.

We’re still getting to the best part – Konami has hired David Hayter to voice Naked Snake and Solid Snake Bomber, two new downloadable characters. Apparently, the voice actor is making a comeback, considering he also reprised the role of Snake in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Up until Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Hayter had been synonymous with the character of Snake. Kiefer Sutherland then stepped in, star of hit TV series 24, which Kojima was a huge fan of. Hence, fans of the franchise were left to wonder if he’d ever reprise the legendary role. Now, here he is, albeit probably not in the way people expected.

While the future of the Metal Gear franchise remains up in the air, the future of Super Bomberman R looks solid, no pun intended. But if Konami is willing to bring Hayter back for an old role in a smaller IP, maybe they’re not deaf to the fans’ cries for the property’s return to form. Time will tell.

SOURCE: Eurogamer