Xbox Game Pass Subscription Fees Will Increase in Europe, Curiously

Members in Select Countries Have Already Been Notified

Multiple reports indicate that the Xbox Game Pass subscription price will increase in Europe, starting on June 1st. While Xbox hasn’t made any official announcement, Xbox Live has sent messages to users notifying them of the change.

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Evidence of the Xbox Game Pass subscription change comes in the form of a screenshot from Reddit user cpHOG. Per the message, changes in price are being attributed to “changing market conditions.” Other users from various countries have provided specific reports on how their subscription fees shall be affected. In Poland, the price will increase from 29 (about 8 USD) to 40 PLN (~11 USD). Meanwhile, Sweden will see a price increase from 79SEK to 99SEK.

At the time of this writing, we don’t know how other countries in the EU shall be affected. Considering the Brexit, the UK’s monthly price for Xbox Game Pass may very well vary from the rest of the EU. Either way, it looks any subscription cost below 10 Euros shall see an increase. This reveal in cost comes not long after confirmation that State of Decay 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer, two major titles, will be made available in the Xbox Game Pass library.

SOURCE: Wccftech