Nioh Has Sold Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide

The Souls-Like Action-RPG Has Taken The World by Storm

Nioh, an action-RPG set in 1600s Japan, has sold over two million copies worldwide, annouced the game’s developers, Team Ninja, on Monday.

first NiOh DLC

Team Ninja thanked the game’s fans for “continuing to #DefyDeath.”

Nioh is about an Irish samurai warrior in a fictionalized 17th century Japan named William who is on a mission to rescue a spirit that was kidnapped by an English alchemist.

It was received pretty well when it came out early last year. Our review called it “a visceral & challenging contender for game of the year” and gave it a nearly perfect score.

“Nioh is an incredible action RPG game that should not be missed,” our reviewer wrote. “Offering well balanced and visceral combat, engaging environments to explore, challenging bosses and well over 80 hours of exciting content to enjoy.”

What do you think of this annoucement? If you’re a fan of the game then which parts of it were the most memorable for you? What did like most about the game overall? What would like the developers improve in a sequel?

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Nioh is available for the PS4 & PC.