Single New FF7 Remake Image Offers Extra Sliver Of Hope

Please Let This Come Out Before 2023

I have high hopes that the Final Fantasy 7 remake is coming out before 2023, even though said hopes are mostly unfounded. From time to time tiny slivers of information will trickle out of the studio, allowing us a paltry glimpse of this enormous, doomed undertaking. The latest FF7 Remake tidbit is a single blurry image paired with a tiny paragraph’s worth of text. Let us greedily drink it in.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter

Okay! So, there’s one screen showing what looks like Tifa and perhaps the Air Buster boss from the original game, albeit in a bigger and sexier form. That’s great! It looks like things are really humming along. Nothing…. nothing else though?

Well, there’s also been a carefully curated blurb from the development team.

“FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” for home game machines is a complete remake work of “FINAL FANTASY VII” released in 1997. By shifting to the in-house development system in order to stabilize the mass production system last year, the development workflow has also been greatly reviewed and the development efficiency has improved. Although the development system and foundation have already been set up and mass production development is proceeding smoothly, from the viewpoint of incorporating, we are continuously looking for new staff aiming for further creativity.”

All in all, that’s not an amazingly robust update, but I choose to see this as a positive development. After all, they mention that development efficiency has improved. So that means things are moving faster, right? Like, maybe we’ll see this doomed project come to fruition before 2023?