City of Brass Bullwhips Out of Early Access

Whip That Genie’s Curse Away Today

City of Brass has graduated from Early Access, whipping its way onto PC and consoles. I mean, there’s also a scimitar in the mix. But you can’t deny the appeal of some first-person whipping. Uppercut Games’ lash-and-slash roguelite is available right this second on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

City of Brass leaving early access

If you’re not up on the details of this Arabian Nights roguelite, you play a clever thief looking to score some legendary treasure and maybe reverse a genie’s curse. Treasure first, obviously. Maybe break the curse on your way out? Along the way you’ll use that badass bullwhip of yours to travel, solve puzzles, disarm traps and stun your opponents. The legions of the damned don’t stand a chance, I think.

City of Brass has also been designed with Mixer and Twitch in mind, meaning that your options as a participant or audience member are properly fleshed out. As an audience member, you can either help out the player with gifts, or curse them good with more enemies. Surely that’s a power that won’t be constantly abused. Also, there’s a new launch trailer! You can take a look below for a better idea of how all this lash-and-slash business plays out.

SOURCE: Press Release