Huge 500-Plus Page Report Contains New Details on Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront Games

The Newly Released Report Is Nearly 600 Pages Long

A new report that details the development and features of two cancelled Star Wars Battlefront games from the mid-2000s, titled “Star Wars: Battlefront III” and “Star Wars: Battlefront IV”, was recently posted online. The report is approximately 599 pages long and it is available on Google Docs.

Battlefront 2, battlefront II

The current Star Wars Battlefront series has had a rough start so far. The first two games in EA’s reboot series haven’t exactly set the gaming world on fire with rave reviews and recently an EA General Manager admitted that the company made some mistakes with their latest entry, Star Wars Battlefront II.

The first two original games of the Star Wars: Battlefront series were initially developed by the now-defunct Pandemic Studios and were a huge success. The planned third and fourth games of the original series were supposed to be developed by Free Radical Design but their development reportedly ran into alot of trouble and the games ended up getting cancelled as a result.

Free Radical Design was purchased by Crytek in 2009 and was re-branded as “Crytek UK”. However, they eventually shut down in July 2014 after their staff transferred to a new studio owned by a publisher called Deep Silver. That developer studio is currently known as Dambuster Studios and their most recent game was 2016’s Homefront: The Revolution.

This Google Docs report contains many screenshots of both menus and character models from the cancelled Battlefront III. Unfortunately, there’s not as much info or material for the cancelled Battlefront IV game. The report claims that development of the game started in December 2007 but was cancelled sometime in 2008.

There’s alot of concept art for the game though and the part of the report that deals with Battlefront IV starts at page 400.

What do you think of this report? Would you have preferred this version of Battlefront sequels or are you fine with EA’s current Battlefront series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!