Death Stranding Cut Scenes Eyeball-Melting Good, Apparently

Kong: Skull Island Director Sounds Quite Impressed

So far, Death Stranding looks pretty fantastic. Rather insane, but an absolute feast for the eyes. That is, assuming they don’t liquefy and go dripping out of your skull. According to a recent Tweet from Jordan Vogt-Roberts, some of the direct cut scenes will “melt your eyeballs.”

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Vogt-Roberts is the director of Kong: Skull Island, as well as The Kings of Summer. He’s also apparently directing an upcoming Metal Gear Solid feature film. The Tweet in question followed a recent visit to Kojima’s studio. This is excellent, if not predictable, news. Hideo Kojima has a real passion for cut scenes after all.

This comes shortly after Kojima’s assistant posted a couple of Tweets about said cut scenes. Beyond some curious photos of Reedus and Mikkelsen hard at work, there was also a mention of “so many breathtaking lines.” Again, this should come as no surprise to anyone who follows Kojima’s work. The man has treated his games like a marriage between games and movies since the 90’s. With the sort of time, star power and technology currently at his disposal, it seems like Hideo Kojima is going to produce some truly face-dissolving cinematic content for Death Stranding.