Big ‘Splatoon 2’ Update Launching Tonight; Adds New Gear, New Songs and a New Rank

The New Update Will Add Over 100 New Pieces of Gear

A new update for Splatoon 2 that adds over 100 pieces of new gear, new songs and a new rank for elite Splatoon players is going to launch tonight at 9 PM ET (that’s 6 PM PT if you’re on the West Coast).

Splatoon 2

The new rank is called ” X Rank” and is described as a “Ranked Battle experience targeting the best-of-the-best players.” If your Splatoon 2 rank is already S+10 then your rank will automatically be changed to X Rank after downloading the update.

If you’re an X Rank then you’ll battle other players for an X Power level and, once a month, the skilled players that manage to obtain the highest X Power level in each of the four Ranked Battle modes will be announced on SplatNet2, a Splatoon 2 mobile app.

The Power levels are planned to be reset every month and the first reset is scheduled for May 31st. All future resets will also take place on the final day of May.

Other features of the new update: some of the new gear will be from the first Splatoon game and several new songs. The update will also make changes to weapon balance and fix bugs. The update will also bring back a beloved Splatoon character named Callie.

The complete changelog for the update can be found here.

Splatoon 2 is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

SOURCE: Press Release