New God of War Gameplay Leaked

Kratos & His Son Fight Some Draugr, a Giant and More!

New gameplay for the upcoming God of War game has apparently leaked online! A nine minute gameplay video found its way onto Youtube but was swiftly removed.

god of war 4 feature

Parts of the gameplay video resembles the initial E3 demo that was shown for God of War when it was first revealed back in 2016. The beginning of the video seems to be the tutorial segment of the final build of the game.

Some other features that we noticed: Kratos appears to have a journal that logs both the various challenges or “labor” that you can complete throughout the game and the game’s lore, there’s a directional marker that appears if there’s an enemy behind you, enemies (including bosses) now have health bars, Kratos can parry attacks and his son, Atreus, has a cooldown meter for when he can shoot his arrows.

god of war 1

Kratos can also shop for new upgrades for his weapons and craft new armor for both himself and his son at Brok’s Shop. In Norse mythology, Brok was a dwarf and a skilled blacksmith that lived in Asgard (which was basically the realm of the Norse gods).

Players can also upgrade Kratos’ stats (which are Strength, Runic, Defense, Vitality, Luck and Cooldown).┬áIt also appears that players can collect optional lore that is added to the journal that Kratos carries around.

And that’s pretty much it! Previews for God of War are set to come out next Monday and we at COGconnected are pretty excited for the game. We had an article that was posted earlier this week about why God of War will be a great game and we also had some parenting advice for Kratos!

God of War is due to come out on April 20th and it is a PS4 exclusive.

So, what do you think about the gameplay? There’s been a lot of concern about how fast-paced it would be (due to the over-the-shoulder camera) so do you feel that this new gameplay quells those concerns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!