Gooey Top-Down Shooter Garage Coming to Switch This May

The Great Indie Absorption Continues Apace

Actually, if we’re being up front, Garage is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch, so it’s not like the other titles Nintendo has devoured with its flailing tentacular grip. Although this is still one more among countless indie games making a home on Nintendo’s ravenous hybrid console. Thirsty for top-down zombie violence? Well, get ready to blend this game into a shake and find yourself a straw. Garage will be hitting the Switch this May!


Our story begins in the trunk of a crashed car, as so many stories do. Awash in the scan-lines and special effects of our favorite bygone era, you must murder your way to success and survival. It’s just you, whatever weapons you can scrounge up, and the armies of the damned. Sometimes they form up into conga line! Between the grinding music and the gory visuals, this has all the makings of cult classic horror movie.

If you’re so sick of zombies the sight of them makes you nauseous, know that there’s also horrendous mutants and monsters to decimate with chainsaws. If the trailer is any indication, this game is going to be utterly suffused with savage violence and other forms of campy nonsense. Garage is hitting the Switcg on May 10th, 2018. Grok that trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release