Shiny Brings Robot Friendship to the PS4 Today

Best Robot Friends Forever

Who says Robots can’t have a heart? Aside from everyone who’s ever built one, of course. Garage 227 is bringing us all a chance to witness the power of robot friendship today with Shiny, a heartwarming platformer out right this second for the PS4.

Shiny Robot Friendship

Shiny tells the tale of Kramer 227, a robot looking to escape a doomed planet in the midst of colliding with the sun. Along the way, you’ll help out your other robot friends, ensuring that they also make it off the planet intact. The game is very particular in its non-violent approach to platforming. This is all about helping, not harming, in order to win the day.

The impetus to help your friends is built into the mechanics, as some of the energy you collect needs to be set aside in order for them to use. If you’re greedy or wasteful in your expenditure of energy, you’ll end up the only survivor. Who wants that? Shiny is out right this moment on PS4, with a physical edition going on sale tomorrow. Check out the trailer below for a look at the charming 2.5D art style and adorable robot exploits.

SOURCE: Press Release