Explore the Arctic Ocean With a Friend in Debris

Always Use The Buddy System When Dying Underwater

I mean, you could always go it alone, but it seems like the merciless Arctic Ocean is the sort of place you should be exploring with a cohort in tow. Debris launched its single player campaign back in October, and now you can drag another hapless fool along with you to possibly go missing forever in the deepest part of the sea.

Debris Arctic Ocean Co-op

Debris tasks you with exploring the Arctic depths in order to escape with your lives. Did I not mention you’re trapped? Because you totally are! It wouldn’t be any fun if you were just going down there for kicks. No, this is more of a fight-for-your-life kind of situation.

The Co-op system adds a bit more meat to your underwater experience. The choices you and your partner make will have an impact on the ending you get. On top of that, critical resources are divided between you. In order to survive, you absolutely must work together. On top of that, your limited power supply is constantly being drained away. Fun! If your curiosity has been piqued, Debris is on sale for the next week with a 50% discount.

SOURCE: Press Release