Job Posting Sparks Rumor for Pokemon Switch Release Date

2018 Would Be a Great Year If a Pokemon RPG Arrived

It’s a simple as this. The other day, Nintendo fans spotted an interesting job listing for a Spanish localization based out of the UK. According to the listing, the Pokemon Company is seeking work for all “editorial facets of video games, and related materials (video game strategy guide, video game web site etc.) in Spanish.” The job is set to commence between April and June of this year, fueling speculation that it specifically deals with the new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Switch

Both Nintendo and Game Freak have stated that the Pokemon RPG might not come out this year. Of course, every little detail helps. If this job posting is not for the Nintendo Switch game, then what is it for? There could be a few peripheral Pokemon projects, but a game like Detective Pikachu already has a release date. Mobile games are a definite possibility, especially with the success of Super Mario Run. Either way, it’s Pokemon. Fans have a reason to be excited.

Localization is part of the final steps to delivering any game. Were the localization to begin in June, the six-month process would see it delivered by December. Nintendo could begin marketing even before then, which means a 2018 release date for the Switch is possible. Besides, what else does Nintendo have slated for their console this year? They have a few heavy-hitters in the form of the upcoming Yoshi game, Kirby, and several solid re-releases in the form of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and Hyrule Warriors. What they don’t seem to have is rockstars. The Pokemon game could fill that void, but we’ll just have to wait and see. As stated by Joe Merrick (the siterunner for the popular Pokemon news site Serebii), the company is posting localization jobs all the time. It’s a popular brand; therefore, be sure to check back for updates on the latest Nintendo Switch titles.

Happy gaming.