New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Details Emerge; Stays True to Character

Traversal in Spider-Man Will Be Stylish

Details are scarce regarding the upcoming Spider-Man game from Insomniac, but every little detail is a worthwhile tidbit. Today, we bring some info about gameplay and how players will be able to swing in New York City.

Spider-Man PS4 Top Screen 1

We learn more about the web-slinger’s abilities via Twitter, where Insomniac Art Director Jacinda Chew mentioned some gameplay aspects. For one, players will be able to swan dive like nobody’s business. You can dive toward the street and swing back at the very last moment. Moreover, the devs found a way to make landing fun. According to Chew, the team stayed true to the character by giving him stylish landing moves; and when you land, there will be no fall damage.

Another interesting piece of info: it seems as if the game box art is going to be revealed soon. It would be great if the image was, indeed, Spider-Man performing a swan dive.

The last gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man was at Paris Games Week 2017, and it corroborates much of the great things we’ve heard. A release date, however,  remains elusive, but we’ll maintain a close watch for more details as time goes by. Stay tuned for the latest.

Happy gaming.