Presenting Outpost Zero – Like Starcraft but a First-Person Shooter

Build Bases and Shoot Aliens in This New Survival Sandbox Game

The industry is filled with Survival FPS games, but today you’ll realize that not enough of them are Sci-fi. Symmetric Games is here to remedy the issue, and their IP looks very promising. It’s called Outpost Zero and it comes with all the sandbox goodness you could want.

In Outpost Zero, you’re dropped into a hostile planet and essentially tasked with building your own utopia. First, you must survive – On the path to building an outpost, you may find yourself besieged by indigenous wildlife and pesky neighbors. Thus, you’ll want to build a community of AI bots to help you in your task.

Outpost Zero takes sandbox survival to the next level by letting you build your own base and units, a rare thing for a first-person-shooter. As such, you’ll raise a community of AI bots; have them keep your base in working order, use them to fight, and all you have to do is keep them happy. There are several facilities you can build to this end. Then, once you have enough AI servants, you can go and start a war with someone else.

Additionally, the game comes with a range of customization opportunities that allow for a unique experience. Not only can you build a base by whim, but you can customize the details of your AI bots and upgrade. Pretty neat, right? It’s definitely impressive for a game that manages such good graphics. You can see what I’m talking about in the pre-alpha trailer below.

While there’s no release date for Outpost Zero yet, it will soon be heading into open Alpha. Anyone who signs up can, potentially, enter for free. Simply visit the website here. Then check back for updates as the game transitions from different developmental stages.

Happy gaming.