Jan 19: Playstation Flash Sale Is Nothing but Games $5 and Under

One Day on Fiverr Gets You so Many Playstation Games

Today is one of those days to save/empty your wallet into good deals if you own a PlayStation device. The latest PlayStation Flash Sale is underway for January 19, and it is loaded with games available for the price of a Starbucks frappuccino, if not less.

psn flash sale Winter

Our list of Flash Sale deals comes with a diverse mix of great indies and AAA titles. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is $4.99; Life is Strange is $4.99. The Order: 1886 is $4.99, and the list goes one with diverse and worthwhile titles. Honestly, there are almost too many. Now, if you can get the page to work, you can start saving at this link. If not, simply log into your PlayStation account and start going nuts.

But the deals aren’t done. They’re never done. For the PS3 there’s Metal Gear Solid for $4.99; Just Cause 2 is $2.99; Tomb Raider Digital Edition is $1.99; and Resident Evil 4, 5and 6 are below $5.

Again, all games are $5 and under. We’re talking dirt cheap here, folks. You’ll find great deals for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. So now may be the best opportunity to shorten your bucket list of games.