Super Sexy Cosplayer Fiona Nova is Bucking Stereotypes One Gorgeous Cosplay at a Time

We here at COGconnected work hard to give you the best cosplay from around the globe. Whether it be some very NSFW NieR cosplay or our 2-part cosplay feature on a plus-sized model Mariah Mallad (check out part 1 here and part 2 here) we do our best to deliver the most eye-popping cosplay. But enough about the previous cosplay features, you are here for more Fiona!

Being a visible minority who happens to be a cosplayer often means being the target of trolls and piece of shit human beings who refuse to accept that a woman of color can cosplay a white character. Fiona often comes under attack by dirtbags who suggest she should only cosplay characters of color. Well, Fiona Nova is bucking both of those stereotypes as a cosplayer, gamer, and streamer of color who embraces all sorts of characters and takes control of her look. “I can do Sleeping Beauty if I want to!” she says. Her attitude? “You should cosplay [a character] because you like her.” Good for you Fiona! We applaud your work and fully support you!

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