Bayonetta 3 & More Rumored for E3-Style Nintendo Direct This Month

What New Announcements Might Nintendo Have Under Their Sleeve?

Now that we’re in January, a slew of Nintendo-related rumors has hit the online sphere. Many fans and outlets are anticipating a January Nintendo Direct, which has yet to be officially announced. Nevertheless, sources are claiming there will be one on January 11.

The sources come straight out of Reddit, with user _darth_solo posting the release window for Bayonetta 3 earlier today. According to him, it will see a Summer release date so long as nothing terrible happens. This update comes from his so-called “reliable source.” Normally, we’d taking this kind of announcement with a gigantic grain of salt, but Reddit mod FlapSnapple has vouched for this particular individual. Apparently, he has verified credentials that allow him to make the statement with “reasonable accuracy.” While he’s not saying the information is true, he is saying that the user is reliable.

But the rumors get better. January’s Nintendo Direct, according to _darth_solo, will be an E3-style event. There will be a big showcase, and Bayonetta 3 will be just one of many games presented onstage. Adding fuel to this claim is that fact that Amazon, just a few days ago, listed a multitude of unnamed Nintendo Switch games. 18 in fact. The listings have since been taken down, to be replaced by already announced Nintendo Switch titles like Kirby, Yoshi, Project Octopath Traveler, and Metroid 4. However, a screenshot was saved by the prudence of ResetEra. Here’s what it looks like.

January Nintendo Direct Bayonetta 3

As always, nothing is confirmed until it’s confirmed. But expect confirmation or dismissal of January’s Nintendo Direct very soon. I, for one, happen to think the rumors are true and that we will see some new Nintendo Switch games announced this month. What are your thoughts? What new games do you hope to see? Comment down below.