Nasty PlayStation 4 Console Shows Why You Should Clean It Once in Awhile

Is Your PlayStation 4 Console Dirty?

Let’s face it, nobody ever cleans the inside of their console. Well, at least we don’t know many who do. That said, maybe it’s time you open the hood of your PlayStation 4 and clean it, especially if it’s been noisy lately. A new post on Reddit r/PS4 shows a console with an extremely dirty fan. So dirty it might get your stomach churning.

Dirty PS4

The message here is you might want to check your console, especially if you’ve had it for awhile. The original poster shared the photo with the caption “system was running a bit loud, took it apart and wow!”

The image prompted advice from various posters on how to clean the console, as well as images and horror stories from others who declined to until it was almost too late.

So if your PlayStation 4 is running a bit loud, now might be the right time to pop the cover off an check the fan. There are plenty of helpful, quick YouTube tutorials that will walk you through the cleaning process, so don’t jump into it unprepared. The process itself is pretty simple for all versions of the PS4. You will want to make sure you aren’t voiding your warranty and like we just said, do the research first!

Have you cleaned your PS4? How did that work out? Tell us in the comments below.