Defunct, a Sonic-Like Indie Adventure Game, Launches Today on Xbox One

Defunct Will Hit PS4 in January and PC At a Later Time

SOEDESCO and developer Freshly Squeezed has announced that Defunct, an adventure racing game that looks and feels like 3D Sonic games, is now available on Xbox One.

In Defunct, you control a broken robot that has accidentally fallen out of a giant cargo ship onto a post-human Earth now inhabited by other robots. Equipped with a Gravitize engine, which grants super speed, your mission is to return to your ship before it’s too late! According to the Steam page, the Gravitize engine will prove disadvantageous when going uphill but will increase in speed when going downhill. There also speed boosts like Enerjuice that will, of course, make you go faster.

Other features include:

  • Experience high-speed gameplay using gravity as your ally
  • Dash through lots of different climates, biomes and challenges
  • Unlock many skins to customize your character
  • Perform special unlockable tricks
  • Compete to be the fastest in the world with time trial mode, which offers 5 extra levels

Defunct screenshot 1280x Defunct screenshot 700x Defunct screenshot 700x

Defunct is getting a small delay on other platforms. PS4 players can expect to see it in January 2018. A Windows 10 version will also be arriving “later” and will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. That means purchasing Defunct now on Xbox One will grant you the PC version instantly when it arrives. The game has been playable on Steam since early last year.

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SOURCE: Press Release