Non-Refundable Star Wars Battlefront II Pre-Orders Reignite the Internet

Update: In case it’s unclear, we don’t actually believe EA removed the refund button from their web page. You simply have to wait for a game to actually arrive before a pre-order refund is available.

EA, Producer of Games and Equal Amounts of Haterade

After the whole Star Wars Battlefront II fiasco, you’d think things would simmer down. Frankly, I’m getting tired of pointing the finger at EA; fortunately, they haven’t really done anything wrong this time. At least, I hope not. Over hundred-thousand upvotes later, Reddit has accused the giant publisher of purposefully removing the refund option on their Origins page.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

The refund button on the Origins page is missing. Therefore, the only way a customer can hope to get a refund for Star Wars Battlefront II is by contacting customer support. As confirmed on Reddit, that’s a 60+ minute waiting period. And as one commenter pointed it, the one-hour wait is probably so that customers will feel a sense of accomplishment.

However, no one can request a refund for Star Wars: Battlefront II until the day of release, or seven days after—provided the product is unopened. Such has been the Origins model for years. Anyway, with a Reddit AMA coming tomorrow, the PR team is going to have their hands full. EA is hosting a Reddit AMA this Wednesday, and you can follow their social channels for updates on that. As a recommendation, do not threaten anyone’s life, please.

Fortunately, if you are looking for a pre-order refund, user Gamanos has posted a solution that doesn’t require contacting customer support. Simply follow the instructions here. And whatever the issue, I can only hope you’re not too angry. EA must be hoping the same.