The Game Awards 2017 to Have “More New Game Announcements Than Ever Before”

2017 Might See the Biggest Game Awards Event

Ever since its debut in 2014, The Game Awards have been a hype resource for gamers. Not only because it lets us decide who takes home the year’s best accolades but because of new game premieres. This year, host Geoff Keighley is promising some very exciting stuff.

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According to Keighley, The Game Awards have already tallied the votes for best gameplay experiences. There are plenty of categories and nominations but, according to a new video, the second part of planning is reserved for new game reveals. This is currently what’s being worked on: which developers will get to have their games on stage.

Furthermore, according to the preview video, The Game Awards 2017 will witness more game showcases than any other previous year. In the past, we’ve seen reveals for Mass Effect: Andromeda, Death Stranding, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now, we have Breath of the Wild as one of this year’s nominees.

This year, however, Keighley says one new reveal will be “the longest world premiere we’ve ever done.” Will any of the reveals be an eventual Game of the Year contender? Tune in at the designated time to find out.

Keighley and crew have every minute of The Game Awards planned, but at times a big developer will pitch something amazing last minute. For a glimpse, you can find the “Road to the Game Awards” video here. You might find a few hints of what lies in store.