Need For Speed Payback Also Seeing Changes To Its Progression System

BF2 Blowback Crossing Over Into Other Games Now, Apparently

It looks like some changes are being made to Need For Speed Payback, specifically the game’s progression system. Although it’s always good to see positive changes being made in light of player feedback, the timing of such changes is impossible to ignore.

Need For Speed Payback

So what’s being changed, exactly? Well, car parts are being awarded more frequently, the quality of said parts is increasing and the rate of reward is going up. The complete list of changes already live is listed below:

-Decreased the time it takes for new parts to appear in Tune-Up shops, down from 30mins to 10mins.
-Increased the amount of REP awarded by taking part in events.
-Increased the amount of Bank awarded by taking part in events.
-Bait crates now reward increased REP.
-Bait crates now reward increased Bank.
-Competing against a Roaming Racer will reward you with increased REP.
-Competing against a Roaming Racer will reward you with increased Bank.
-Increased rate in which parts are rewarded within Ranked Speedlists.
-Air Suspension will now appear more frequently.
-Slightly increased REP and Bank for finishing an event outside of first place.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of the NFS franchise is somewhat limited, meaning I’m unsure as to how deeply-ingrained some of these features are within the larger franchise of games. Bait crates in particular seem like a weird, microtransaction-friendly┬áconcept to have in place in a racing game. Still, it is good to see changes in this direction being made, even if the timing does seem rather suspect. More adjustments are on the way, including better cards from ‘targeted rolls’ in the tune-up shops. Which… really seems like microtransactions are still in Need For Speed Payback. Maybe the blowback over Battlefront 2 isn’t as far-reaching as I thought it was?

SOURCE: Press Release